Leftovers.  Some of us happily eat them, leaving the rest to moan about the repetition.  For the naysayers, leftovers are punishment cloaked as economic good sense, turkey sauced with guilt.

At Purple Kale, of course, I see leftovers as possibilities, playgrounds to experiment with new forms.  We all do this automatically, when we envision the extra turkey as a sandwich.  However, I like to turn leftovers into dishes that don’t require eating immediately.   It’s one thing to come up with creative expressions for the extra turkey; it’s another to force-feed your household your enthusiasm all week.

My favorite “form” for “putting up” Thanksgiving leftovers (which is, after all, what we’re doing) is soup.  The ambitious among us already have stock plans for the turkey bones; others, I imagine, can turn leftover turkey gravy into a soup starter, adding some sautéed onions and more stock or water, to taste.

You can throw most things into Thanksgiving soup, along with the turkey:  some of the stuffing, vegetables, extra herbs.  The soup strategy is two-fold:  in one act, you can use up a good many things, and many of these things keep better suspended in stock, than if they were frozen on their own.  And you get to reintroduce the leftovers at a later, more favorable time—Did you just by accident make Christmas dinner soup?–when the turkey tempts us again to the plate.

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